Do you know where your New Jersey town ranked on the list of the state's highest average property taxes in 2018? Probably not.  I didn't either, and was surprised to find my town, Margate, was one of the top ten towns with the highest average property taxes in Atlantic and Cape May counties in 2018.

Thanks to the Galloway Patch, you can find out where your town ranks statewide.  Patch put together a list of all towns in New Jersey and their average annual property tax bills, from highest to lowest, from data by the state Department of Community Affairs.

I used their information to put together a list of the ten towns in Atlantic or Cape May counties with the highest average property taxes. Average is a very important word in considering this list, because you may well pay much less or, God forbid, even more, depending on your property.

I have also included the ranking number for these towns statewide, which shows how much worse your property bill could be if you lived in north Jersey.

Here are the top ten towns for average property taxes in Atlantic and Cape May counties...

1- Longport, Atlantic Co. (#125 Statewide) $10,872

2- Linwood, Atlantic Co. (#153) $10,165

3 - Stone Harbor, Cape May Co. (#256) $8615

4 - Margate, Atlantic Co.(#271) $8293

5 - Ventnor, Atlantic Co.(#300)  $7939

6 - Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic Co. (#410) $6512

7- Somers Point, Atlantic Co. (#411) $6508

8- Brigantine, Atlantic Co. (#426) $6343

9 - Egg Harbor City, Atlantic Co. (#435) $6219

10 - Ocean City, Cape May Co. (#466) $5755

Source: Galloway Patch

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