Is there any parent out there that believes he or she doesn't have to monitor their child's internet usage?

You'd think not, but with the rise of "kid-friendly" content, some parents think policing what their children watch online isn't necessary as long as the kids are only spending time on sites geared towards children.

If you're responsible, you know that nothing is really regulated like it should be. The number one source for "kid-friendly" content that's widely accepted as "safe" and "appropriate" among parents is Youtube Kids. The majority of content on the kid-spinoff version of everyone's favorite video sharing platform definitely looks as though it's formatted for kids. However, if shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Futurama taught us anything, it's that just because it's a cartoon doesn't mean it's appropriate for children.

A character called Momo has surfaced on the app that's serving up a terrifying message to children. There's supposedly a video of her telling viewers that she's going to kill them. It's a "suicide challenge" that has parents everywhere up in arms (as it should!). To accompany the alarming message, her face is absolutely terrifying! CBS News reports:

The good news about Momo is that there are claims that this particular video is fake. That would be GREAT NEWS. Unfortunately, this video isn't the only one of its kind out there...

Dr. Hess, the author behind the PediMom blog, is a pediatrician who pays close attention to not only how much time her kids spend on the app, but the content they're viewing. Thanks to Dr. Hess, another video featuring a man demonstrating to CHILDREN how to slice their own wrists was discovered on Youtube Kids and has since been taken down. Here's a recording PediMom grabbed to show that she's not making this up:

This goes to show that just because a source deems itself "kid-friendly" doesn't mean parents can rest easy. This should go without saying, but you MUST monitor EVERYTHING your kids are viewing. This isn't the only video laced with suggestive themes that's deemed appropriate for children when it's, in fact, the complete opposite. Check out more videos from Youtube Kids that include school shootings and cussing:

There's even a video that suggests HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

Moral of this story: PARENTING NEVER STOPS. Always monitor what your children watch. Just because it's branded as child content doesn't mean it is.

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