It was a tense situation above the Atlantic City Expressway in Winslow Twp. for woman who fell from an overpass and the first responders hoping to save her.

The incident took place around 1:30 in the afternoon last Thursday near Exit 41 on the Expressway after police received reports of a woman sitting on the ledge of the overpass.

It appeared to police the woman was attempting to commit suicide, and crisis negotiators were called to the scene to assist, according to

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Google Maps

The crisis negotiators and New Jersey State Police were able to convince the woman to move to safety, but as she was doing so, she reportedly lost her balance and fell off the ledge about 20 feet down.

A quick-thinking state trooper, however, was able to partially catch the woman, helping to break her fall. Neither was seriously injured.

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The woman was transported to a nearby hospital for physical and mental evaluation, according to

Praise goes to the first responders, which also includes Gloucester Twp. Police and Winslow Twp. Police, for diffusing a situation that could have ended much differently had they not gotten to that overpass in time.

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