That's a photo of my parents, shortly after they were married. We just had a big party to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was just a heartwarming and wonderful event with lots of family and their friends.

Life wasn't so happy about 7 years after they were married, though. At least it wasn't so happy for me. My parents left me. They left my two sisters, too.

I remember the day they left. We were at our grand-parents house. I can remember screaming and crying. Probably flopping around on the floor, too. I was six and my world was falling apart. My parents were leaving. Going. Dumping us at the grand-parents'. This was terrible. This was the worst.

On that Mom and Dad were leaving us.... to go on vacation in Hawaii! No whining kids, no tired kids, no kids. Just them. Hawaii.

Now, it's time to leave our kids behind. Oh, they're all older than I was, but they still don't understand. They still want to go. Sorry, kids, the answer is no. We're going without you.

We're going to Hawaii, and you should, too. Leave the kids behind. Have the vacation you always dreamed of. Without the kids. Just this time. That's what grand-parents are for, isn't it?

March 15th, we're going on a dream Hawaii vacation. Come. Click here to find out more.


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