Sorry to ya if you drive a boujee car.... don't shoot the messenger.

A new survey shows evidence that suggests that people who drive fancy and luxurious cars are more likely to not work on any bad driving habits they may have.

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The study was conducted by the University of Helsinki and revealed that men, who drive expensive cars and luxury brands, like Audi and BMW, are more likely to display unpleasant personality traits than men who don't.

Researcher Jan-Erik Lönnqvist studied the driving traits of men before concluding that people driving expensive German cars didn't mind pedestrians, were less likely to stop for a red light, and were more prone to reckless driving in general. Lönnqvist also said that these behaviors suggest a disregard for others those driving the expensive cars deem "less than".

Is there a lesson here? Yeah, it's this: if you don't want to be deemed a stereotype, then at the very least mind the rules of the road. If you don't want people view you as pompous or arrogant because you drive an expensive car, then don't give people a reason to view you that way.


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