Earlier today I made most of us feel really old.  Now I will attempt to make myself feel younger.

My husband gave me a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas last year.  I covet my 3DS.  I play it all the time.  I charge it when I'm at work during the day, so I can play it when I get home at night. I've played and won the original Super Mario Bros. for 3DS several times.

Way back in May, (for my birthday) my husband wanted to buy me a new game for my 3DS, but he couldn't decide on which game.  Then he read that a new Super Mario Bros. game was coming out later in the summer.

So, I had to wait.

Fast forward to Sunday August 19th.  We're at Target, we buy $100 worth of stuff we don't need.... go to leave and he presents me with the second half of my birthday present!  The brand new Super Mario Bros. 2!  (He gave me a piece of jewelry back in May - he's good!)

Needless to say, I've been addicted to Super Mario Bros. 2 since Sunday.

The kitchen needs to be cleaned, the sheets need to be changed, dinner needs to be made......  All of that takes a second step until I beat this game.

Happy Tuesday!