This is not an exaggeration. This is not a drill. This video might just be the funniest cat and dog video the internet has ever gifted us. The relationship between dogs and cats has always been an interesting one. Some take on the sensationalized relationship by hating each other. You know, the classic cartoon depiction. Others get along like best mates.

From the video that has gone viral, it is hard to tell what type of relationship this feline and canine have. They appear to be best buds, but then things take a quick turn. They seem to have a sibling like relationship and we thank them for it. The video has been circulating Facebook, with it being originally uploaded on YouTube by The Paw.

The video shows a puppy sleeping soundly, looking very cute. You see the cat sitting behind looking off into the distance, minding its own business. That is when everything takes a turn. The dog lets out a little fart, which of course is adorable.

His feline friend isn't having it.

Watch to see what happened next:

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