Whether you're a religious person or you celebrate Easter as the formal welcoming of the new spring season, you'll be celebrating differently this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

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By now, it's likely you would have experienced a bunch of various towns' annual Easter egg hunts, gotten your child's picture taken with the Easter bunny, and bought some beautiful new pastel outfits for Easter Sunday. However, due to the spread of COVID-19 forcing us into our homes for the foreseeable future, it's more likely than ever that you're debating whether or not you should even buy Easter candy for the baskets this year.

You're not the only one. A new survey by Wallethub shows that 68% of people's Easter holiday will be impacted by the virus. To get even more specific, half of people are skipping out on buying Easter candy, new outfits and Easter food this year. There is a silver lining though. People are reporting feeling more thankful than ever before. In fact, 40% say they're a lot more grateful for their families than they were before the coronavirus outbreak. Also, almost 30% of people are more aware of how blessed they feel to be in good health.

If a physical Easter basket full of goodies is out of the question, why not make a basket full of fun ideas to do with the family? Get a basket, cut out little strips of paper, have everyone in your family write an idea (or two or three) of something fun the family could do together while in quarantine. Fill up the basket with the ideas. Then, on Sunday morning, start tackling the list you've created.

There's always positivity to be found in every situation. All it takes is a little creativity. Who knows? This Easter could be your best one yet.


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