Here's your chance to buy the most expensive residential property in Atlantic County. It's in oceanfront in Longport, asking price: $10,995,000!

There's only one problem. There's no house on the property. You'd have to build one!

According to, the most expensive residential property in Atlantic County is a piece of land, just over a quarter of an acre, in Longport. There's no house. It's just the piece of land.

According to the listing by the agent, Joseph DiLorenzo, here's some information on the property:

Build Your Dream Home! Rare, oversized, oceanfront lot at the beautiful Point of Longport - where only one block separates the beach and the bay. Enjoy panoramic views, majestic sunrises, and tranquil sunsets that only a southern exposure affords.

According to the listing, the property has been for sale for over a year: 483 days.

Your payments? If you put 10% down ($2,199,000) you may be able to get a 30 year fixed loan at 3.510% interest, making your monthly payment $39,547. Not including taxes. Also not including - you know - an actual house.

Good luck with that!

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