How about those crazy storms Monday night. Did you hear them?

I don't know about you, but at my house in Mays Landing, the storms were pretty gnarly last night. Let's just say that my rescue dog wasn't a fan of the boom booms outside. Monday afternoon, it was looking like a pretty nice day. I went outside to walk my dog and heard thunder coming from what seemed like the Absecon/Brigantine area as early as 4 p.m.

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Last night, it would seem that Brigantine got hit pretty hard with those storms after all. So much so, in fact, that the crazy weather, rain, wind & all, made the old Brigantine Bridge fishing pier come tumbling down. Seriously, there's literally nothing left of her. RipTide Bait and Tackle off of Brigantine Avenue in Brigantine even confirmed it with a photo they posted of their very own.

Apparently, the bridge pier came down around 11 p.m. Monday night. That's when the storms started to get crazy all up and down the South Jersey coastline. You can read in the comments on RipTide's Facebook post which include an eyewitness that spotted someone on it only a few short hours before it collapsed. Whomever that was, no doubt, feels lucky to not have gone down with it.

The only remnants of the old fishing pier now are a few pieces currently sticking up out of the water that can be seen from RipTide's photograph. The Brigantine Bridge fishing pier was a hot spot for locals who knew what to fish out of the bay and when. Does this mean Brigantine may actually get a REAL fishing pier now? Who knows. That fishing pier has been marked with caution tape for some time now. Not that the tape ever stopped people from fishing, though. Still, it's sad to see that old fishing spot die.

Check out the picture the folks over at RipTide Bait and Tackle captured of what's left:

Source: Facebook

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