This is not about the good food I had for a quick lunch at a restaurant. Instead, it's about what was on the walls of the restaurant.

I had lunch at the Ruby Tuesday's at the Hamilton Mall the other day. The food and service were both good - no complaints at all.

What intrigued me, though, was the artwork on the restaurant's walls. Throughout the restaurant, there were paintings of another restaurant. And, shall I say, nicer restaurant? Yep.

On the walls of the restaurant were paintings of a nicer restaurant! A restaurant with nice tables - with fine tablecloths,  upscale light fixtures and chairs, and several chefs working to prepare meals.

The paintings were almost saying to me, "Hey, you could have eaten in a nicer restaurant - with better service and food - but, you chose here instead...."

As pictureD in this blurry photo below, you can kind of make out that the cooks are preparing a huge lobster. Um, they don't serve lobster at Ruby Tuesday's. (At least I don't think they do.)

It was almost like they were saying, "Hey, you could have had better food if you went somewhere else."

I wonder who's in charge of the decorating?