Cold and flu season is here in a big way.

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More and more people are getting sick with each passing day. According to the CDC though, that's normal for this time of year. They define flu season as the time between December through February during which illness and infections spread at a faster rate than any other time of year.

A cold is one thing, but getting the flu will stop you in your tracks. Not only is it super uncomfortable, but it always results in PTO having to be taken from work.

People dread contracting the flu so much, they would go so far as to give up something for an ENTIRE YEAR if it meant they'd be safe from getting sick. What would you give up in exchange for never getting sick?

The Top 5 Things people would trade for good health, according to a new survey of 2,000 people by Robitussin, are:

  • Vacation time                                          37%
  • Social media                                           36%
  • Favorite food                                           33%
  • Sleeping in on the weekend                    31%
  • Favorite TV show                                     31%


Your turn to answer....

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