Kids, and even some adults, have irrational fears. As a child, I was no exception. Today is an amazing holiday that I wish was widely celebrated when I was a kid. I hoped and prayed for a day such as today, when the evil thing that terrified me would be eradicated once and for all. Today is National No Beard Day and for the sake of childhood Chelsea, I encourage all men to celebrate in an appropriate manner.

I wish I could say that I am over exaggerating my fear of facial hair, but alas I was terrified as a child. I suffered from pogonophobia, aka the fear of beards. One victim of my destabilizing fear was an innocent party, a family member. My cousin Matt had/has a very well groomed mustache and beard that struck a fear within myself that continues to be talked about today. In one instance, I refused to talk to my cousin while we were at my grandparents' house. Matt wrote me a letter apologizing for scaring me so much. Remember, I was very young.

There are many weird holidays out there, but today is a day more people should know about. It is a day that should be celebrated and people should take action. No more should we have young children demobilized by a fear such as pogonophobia.

Friends, South Jerseyans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Pick up the razor and remove the mask that covers your true face. Celebrate no beard day and cut away from your hairy complexion. Do it for the kids like me, who quake in your presence.

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