St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's mission goes beyond curing kids, their mission is extended to giving these kids the best experience possible in the darkest of days. They allow the kids to live their lives just as any other child does. This is what separates St. Jude from the rest, their attention to giving these kids the best life possible. For this reason, you won't see many wheelchairs at the hospital.

St. Jude has created such a warm and hopeful atmosphere for their patients and their parents. They have done away with the traditional wheelchairs, which would make the kids feel like patients and they use red wagons instead. This is just one of the many ways St. Jude cares for the childhood of their kids.

Red wagons are associated with happy memories for most people. Those happy moments of being pulled around in a wagon by a parent brings a sense of joy. St. Jude doesn't allow their kids to miss out on these happy memories.

You can help allow these kids feel like kids by becoming a Partner in Hope.

Call to become a Partner in Hope by calling 1-800-372-4999!

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