Thelocal.FR claims that there is a restaurant in France has banned its customers from using their smartphones while eating.

The owner of the Petit Jardin Restaurant named Hean Fluery says that they're using a "football-style card system" (meaning soccer) against those who disregard the newly imposed terms of dining at the restaurant:

whereby waiters will blow a whistle and show a yellow card to someone caught using their phone. If they are caught again then it will be red, meaning the culprit will be asked to leave the restaurant.

Fluery says the rules are explained to customers before they decide to come in. So if they choose to be grumpy and disrespectful, rather then engaging and kind to those around them, then they can leave.

The owner argues that people turn off their phones when they go to the movies, so why not restaurants?

The younger demographic, affected by this the most, has taken to Facebook to express their "unpleasant" comments about the ban. They're also not thrilled that the card system draws attention to their "misbehavior" in front of others.

However, Fleury's reasoning behind this is that it's a tradition to talk at the dinner table, not to be on your phones. So as soon as the whistle is blown, and a card is distributed to the offender, it gets the whole restaurant involved and even encourages dialogue between different tables!

What do you think? Would you dine at a restaurant like this?
For some reason this makes me feel like I'm back in high school--hiding my phone from my teacher...But at the same time, this idea is SO refreshing. 
Comment with your thoughts below! 

FYI--Hean has also banned Coca-Cola and ketchup from his restaurant...but that's a different story.


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