It's time for one of Rachel's Rants, and today's topic of conversation is based off of how P.O.'d I am at my hometown...which doesn't feel good to say!

As a Cherry Hill Native I can 1000% vouch for the fact that Margate is known as "Little Cherry Hill". Starting Memorial Day Weekend, families from Cherry Hill migrate to the island to settle into their "shore homes" for the summer.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

As a kid, the weekend was, and still is, one we all looked forward too! Among hanging out at the Margate Wawa (because we weren't old enough to go to the bars yet) we would also hit-up our notorious stable location.

The text: "where are you beaching" was always followed by "Lucy" as in the famous, Lucy the Elephant. The icon of the summer hosted a Cherry Hill meet up, where you went to:

  • find people if you couldn't get a hold of anyone
  • sneak in a smooch with your summer cutie
  • nonchalantly drink a mixer or two and claim intoxication
  • or when you simply just wanted to take beach pictures and hangout!

Being a part of this trend my whole life, let me tell you something: I'M SO STINKIN' DISAPPOINTED.

I got a text from my friend on Saturday:

Credit: Rachel Marie
Credit: Rachel Marie
in my day) it was mainly to make sure everyone was safe and out of trouble. This scenario seems a little different then from what I remember...

As you've most likely heard by now, chaos broke out on the beach in front of Lucy the Elephant during MDW where 300 teenagers allegedly gathered on that Saturday afternoon and proceeded to start a massive brawl....


Three were arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and drinking under the age of 21.


Look, I get it. When you're in your adolescence, you wanna feel all big and bad and macho, rebelling against THE LAW. But let me reiterate, the LAW is the LAW for a reason! Hence why CHILDREN under the age of 21 should not be consuming alcohol, because... you know... they just start fights and ruin their futures by getting ARRESTED.

I heard something about someone throwing a gatorade bottle at a police officer?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Like literally. You're kidding.

I'm no hypocrite, I'll admit that my MDW traditions did involve some rebellion. But never, NEVER, would I or anyone from my friends back home, disrespect a police officer.

LET'S BE REAL: Cherry Hill parents would never condone that type of behavior. And I certainly don't as well.

So here's who I'm mad at:

  1. Whoever wrote the above article, and for headlining it with "Cherry Hill Kids" when the article clearly states that there was some PA kids in the mix there too.
  2. These "Cherry Hill Kids" who think that poor behavior is cool, and that tarnishing the name of a town that has molded me into who I am today, is acceptable.
  3. Everyone who keeps coming up to me saying, "LOL did you hear about those 'Cherry Hill Kids'"

A town has a legacy. You always want to make the alumni of your town proud. Hence the phrase "represent"

Well, for one, I am not proud. I'm uber bummed.
And the sad part is, I can totally picture this all happening which makes me more bummed, and also sort of makes me giggle.

So, what's Rachel's life lesson in this rant?

Cause the beach is my happy place and if you damn "Cherry Hill Kids" ruin it for me, I'll surely be making an appearance back to The Hill to kick some A$$ and take some names....

A South Jersey Italian from Cherry Hill

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