When you are committed to being the best, you sweat the small stuff.

That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw that Tony's Baltimore Grill had posted on Facebook to say they had felt obligated to change out the new black booths they had recently installed with brand new red leather booths that matched the original booths Tony's has had for decades.

The owners thought the black booths just didn't look like how they envisioned they should to pay respect to Tony's 95 years as "the oldest pizza joint" in Atlantic City.

Not only did they replace all the black booths, but they did it Saturday evening during the height of the dinner rush. Why? Here's a quote from Tony's Baltimore Grill Facebook page.

We changed out our black booths & reinstalled a missing part of our soul...We probably could have bought stock red booths, but that’s not the TBG way. So We linked up w/ One of our customers who happens to be an extraordinary upholsterer. She helped us find the exact same red leather (with the help of our color queen KD) to match the original booths...

The social media post says that you will "never see black booths in our bar again as long as we have the privilege of being caretakers of this joint."

'DON’T CHANGE A THING' is what everyone says about the Baltimore Grill. I wish I could listen...We plan to change everything we can, in a way that honors our history and our city...Thank you to everyone who supports our joint - this is where the hard earned money that you gives us goes.

That kind of dedication to their establishment and their quality, delicious product is why Tony's Baltimore Grill is still around and why they are so successful.

By the way, the new red booths look just like they belong at Tony's Baltimore Grill.

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