A visit to Maine about 20 years ago resulted in my first taste of a lobster roll.

(If you didn't know, Maine is the Mecca for lobster.)

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When you have a great lobster roll in Maine, it's going to be difficult to find lobster rolls elsewhere that measure up.

In the last couple of weeks, though, I've had lobster rolls in two different local places that have really shined and tasted delicious.

While both of the lobster rolls were delicious, they were actually a little different.

At Betty's Seafood Shack, now open on the bay in Margate, I experienced a Lobster Roll Lettuce Wrap - much like the traditional lobster roll, but on a lettuce leaf instead of a roll.


There wasn't much on the lobster - a little lemon aioli and butter - and it was excellent! The lettuce was fine, but it didn't really interested my, so I ended up eating most of the lobster with my fork. Very good!

Meanwhile, I also has a lobster roll from Sweetwater Marina and Riverdeck, in Sweetwater. I'd never seen the lobster roll on the menu before, so I gave it a try. How glad I was!

This one was loaded!


I'd call Sweetwater's version a little more traditional "Maine Lobster Roll" as it's mixed with some mayo and other flavors. I tell you, the recipe they use is very tasty! It was served on a traditional roll (toasted), but there was too much lobster to pick it up and eat it. Again, a fork was my utensil of choice.

We're not Maine, we're South Jersey - but the lobster roll is pretty darned good!

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