There's an interesting new Tik Tok challenge that's making some waves on the internet.

(My use of the word "interesting" actually seems kind of awkward now that I have typed it out and looked at it....)

By the way Tic Tok is a video sharing social network service. In other words, it's what all the kids are doing.

This latest challenge is called the "Phone in Back Pocket" challenge - and that pretty much explains it. You put your phone in your back pocket, with the video camera on, so you can see who's looking at your butt.

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(For older folks, just think of it as the new version of sitting on the front porch watching the world go by.)

Why do this? Why not do this!

Here's a compilation of several videos that I found on YouTube.

And your President wants to outlaw Tik Tok! Where else would we get this fabulous entertainment?

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