We're all tired of stereotypes, misinformation, and opinions.

Most of us live in New Jersey because we like it here.

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We accept our state, flaws, and all.

But, commenting on how we live our lives is reserved for New Jerseyans and New Jerseyans only.

I'm proud of this state. I mean, look how much we pack into such a small space. Sure, it gets a little crowded, but we get by.

And no, New Jersey is not just Parkway, factories, and warehouses. Those who are willing to poke around a little bit will find some of nature at its finest.

When I first tell someone I'm from New Jersey, they are shocked that I don't have an accent. Ugh. Not everyone from New Jersey has an accent. Oh, and there is more than one Jersey accent, too. North and South. North with its New York origin, and South with its Philadelphia origin.

I wouldn't say that people from New Jersey have an attitude per se. We're just, well, blunt. Some from The Garden State are rude when sharing opinions, but most of us are just direct and that can come off poorly to someone who is not from here.

If you're someone from out-of-state, consider this a PSA of things you absolutely never ever want to say to someone from the Garden State for fear of being backhanded.

I'm just kidding, we're not violent people. At least not most of us.

We just speak our minds and move fast, so you better keep up.

Do you think there's something missing from the list? Let me know. Matt.Ryan@Townsquaremedia.com.

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