Johnny Arleth says he's not a hero, just a guy in the right place at the right time.

I, however, have no problem calling Arleth a hero - what he did was a selfless act of bravery, where he could have been seriously injured.

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Arleth says he was walking his dog this morning (Tuesday) at the Little Egg Harbor Township recreational fields off Route 539 when he saw a young deer tangled in a soccer net, unable to free itself. He says he walks his dog there daily, always taking in the beautiful wildlife.

As you see in the video, Johnny was able to free the deer, but it passed out from suffocation. Says, Arleth, "I had to rub her a little to get her going and then she was fine soon as she gained consciousness."

He was able to capture the save on video on his own phone. He says he did it, "For the purpose of having documented proof to be able to approach the town about having the nets removed after the season is over for the winter."

Arleth says he'd like this to be a reminder to other area towns to take the soccer nets down once the season is over so similar accidents don't happen to other wildlife.

I asked Johnny if he could hear the young deer's mother calling for her. He could not, but "there were visually deer in the woods line waiting and walking around concerned.  I think just watching her. I'm not sure how long she was out there but she seemed exhausted."

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Google Maps

This may just be the best save on these soccer fields all year!

Once again, Arleth says he's not a hero, but, jokingly, he says, "I tell everyone this is why I was born on Christmas Day!"

Great job, Johnny Arleth! You are a good man!

Deer in Egg Harbor Township

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