In case you missed it, actor Miles Teller, who stars alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick was in Philly Wednesday night.

Did you know Teller was born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania? He's probably been a lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan!

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So, it makes perfect sense that, now that he's on top of the box office starring in the #1 movie in America right now (not to mention a sequel some of us have waited three decades for), the Phillies would enlist him to get a game going for them.


If you’ve seen Top Gun: Maverick, and happen to think Miles Teller (who plays Rooster, son of the late Goose from the OG Top Gun) is a great actor and convincing as a pilot, you should also know he seems to be pretty good at throwing a baseball, too.

Teller popped up at Citizens Bank Park Wednesday night, according to TMZ Sports for the Phillies game against the San Francisco Giants where he threw out the first pitch!

Now, these celebrity pitches can go sideways sometimes (hello Mariah Carey; Bababooey), but Teller NAILED his. In fact, he threw a perfect strike.


I guess he feels the need, the need for the speed...of a fastball.

Catching the pitch on the other end, by the way, was former Phillies first baseman and World Series champ Ryan Howard (who could have made a better attempt, if we're being honest, lol).



You can watch video of Miles Teller's first pitch below courtesy of MLB on Twitter!


Teller clearly brought the Phills good luck. They won the game 6-5.

The actor also reportedly paid special tribute to military families and even got his own 'Rooster' bobblehead doll!

By the way, Miles, NICE PHILLIES SHIRT! That thing looks totally vintage (because it was probably his growing up)!

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