In case you haven't heard the latest and greatest thing on social media...

YES. Facebook is asking you to upload your "nudies" 

Mhm, yeah you heard that right. Everything your parents have ever taught you about "the cloud" and "once it's out there on the internet, you'll never get it back"--was apparently A LIE.

Facebook is actually trying to prevent that, by allegedly asking users to upload their naked photos, in the hopes that it'll help automatically block revenge porn from being uploaded to the site by jealous ex's...

According to the Telegraph:

Facebook's software would create a "hash" - a digital fingerprint of the photo - so it can be recognised the next time it is uploaded and automatically blocked. It hopes that pre-emptive action will prove better than deleting images only after they are reported, by which time the damage may have been done.

Facebook has revealed that the company experiences over 54,000 cases A MONTH of revenge porn on the site. In which case, they have begun the trial in Australia, and are slowly moving it over to the US, UK and Canada.

So, let's put an end to this all right now and go back to Nude-Selfie 101, Rule 1Never put your face in the picture

...Not like I would know.

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