Scam callers are getting more and more creative. They now call you from numbers with area codes from your area. I've received calls from 908 and 609 numbers. However, I have a rule. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer. If it is important or someone I know, they will leave a message.

They are even starting to text your phone, sending you a link to make $4,000 a week from home. I won't lie I've been tempted to click it a few times.

This is a problem we can all relate to. Even us here at Cat Country!

Yes, your favorite radio station gets solicitor calls.

Over the past 2 weeks I've received on average a call a day. Some days getting a few calls within an hour of each other.

Some of these calls have been robocalls about our "home's electric". Many of them being real people at the other end trying to sell solar panels for our house.

Every time I pick up and hear that it is a real person on the other end I politely tell them that they are calling a radio station request line and not a home. Usually, they repeat what I said to them back to me then hang up. Others seem oh so confused.

I have once received a call about winning a free cruise. I didn't have enough vacation time to jump on that offer...

So next time you get a solicitor calling your house, just think so do we!

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