There are 3 winning tickets that correctly picked the winning numbers in the record $640 million Mega Millions jackpot.

7-11 in Baltimore County, Maryland where one of the winning tickets was sold

The winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas.

Mike Lang of the Illinois Lottery says the Illinois winning ticket was sold in the small town of Red Bud, near St. Louis. The Maryland lottery announced earlier its winner was from Baltimore County. A winning ticket also was purchased in northeast Kansas, according to the Kansas Lottery website.

Lang says each winning ticket was expected to be worth more than $213 million before taxes.

Carole Everett, director of communications for the Maryland Lottery, says the winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at a retailer in Baltimore County. She said it's too early to know any other information about the lucky ticket-holder or whether others were sold elsewhere in the nation.

Everett says the last time a ticket from the state won a major national jackpot was 2008 when a ticket sold for $24 million.

She says, "We're thrilled. We're due and exciting."

The winning numbers were 2-4-23-38-46, Mega Ball 23.

Americans spent nearly $1.5 billion for a chance to hit the jackpot, which amounts to a $462 million lump sum and around $347 million after federal tax withholding. With the jackpot odds at 1 in 176 million, it would cost $176 million to buy up every combination. Under that scenario, the strategy would win $171

million less if your state also withholds taxes.

The estimated jackpot dwarfs the previous $390 million record, which was split in 2007 by two winners who bought tickets in Georgia and New Jersey.

How close did your numbers come? Did you win a smaller prize?

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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