For better or for worse, New Jersey is well-known for being home to sarcastic people. We, not so secretly, pride ourselves on it. The website collected one sentence about each state from a "bitter" resident. As you could imagine, they were quite humorous.

The website explained the article by saying, "Do you love your state? Probably. Hopefully, at least. But do you love everything about your state? Of course not. So if you took a few moments you could definitely come up with some barbed, perhaps even bitter, description of your home." Keep that in mind when you read some of these sarcastic comments. Perhaps you'll even chuckle at a few of them.

A Colorado resident explained their state as having, "Too many Californians and Floridians moving here." I bet Florida says that they have too many New Jerseyans moving there.

Delaware made me laugh by simply stating, "It's fine." Iowa has similar sentiments with, "Iowa exists." Indiana echoed that by saying, "Drive through us to get somewhere better."

We can all nods our heads in agreement and laugh at what the New Jersey resident had to say, "Hope you like traffic." While there are places in New Jersey that have worse traffic than others, being the most densely populated state and being a tourist attraction lends itself to creating major traffic jams.


Some of the other funny, sarcastic lines included North Carolina saying, "Slowly joining civilization." The resident from South Dakota said, "We aren't the best, but at least we're not North Dakota."

Some states commented on what they're famous for. Utah's line was, "Mormons and Snowboarding." While Washington claimed they are known for, "Trees, weed, rain, and coffee."

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