An Open Letter to the Person Who's Been Hiding Out in Our Parking Lot....

Dude! (Or Dude-ess - we haven't eyeballed who's sitting inside the van.)

Why are you hiding out from your work in our parking lot?

Do you hate your job so much? Are you overworked and underpaid?

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Over the last few weeks, we've seen you park your work van - with your company name and address on the side of the van - in our parking lot.

We've noticed that you've always parked your van beside one of our radio station vans so your van can't really be seen from the main road. (So tricky!)

We wonder -  are supposed to be on call, but you just need some "me time"?

Someone suggested that maybe you're just waiting for your next service call or maybe you're just eating lunch. Well, if that's the case, there are certainly more pleasurable places to park than in a business parking lot with little to look at other than other vans and blacktop!

Birch Grove Park is just around the corner. It's pretty there, especially with the little lakes, the ducks, and the changing leaves. In our parking lot, you get none of that.

Now if you think we're ratting you out, we are not. You notice we "photo-shopped" your van out of the photo. You really aren't driving a cartoon van....

So, what's up? Need a new job? We're hiring. If you work for us, we won't think twice about you parking in our lot.

Please let us know. Our curiosity level is high. Email me in confidence:

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