It's almost shocking to even be able to admit this as a fact, but it actually happened!  Governor Murphy promised to include a budget for Wildwood to repair part of the boardwalk and it really did come to fruition.

If you don't hail from the southern most region of the Garden State, then you might not understand the reason for the sentiments regarding this boardwalk makeover. You see, it's unfortunately common for South Jersey to get the short end of the stick when it comes to the state's budget. Almost everything the state puts money into is up north. South Jersey is almost like the state's red-headed stepchild. So, for money to actually come through for a cause like this gets South Jersey residents pretty excited.

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Back in March of last year, we wrote about Murphy setting aside about $4 million for a section of the Wildwood Boardwalk to undergo repairs. Well, that finally happened this year and it's looking pretty good.

According to, contractors have been working on the boardwalk to complete this section for over half of a year. Six months worth of work has gone into restoring this section of the boardwalk so far. The work should be completed in time for the start of the 2022 summer season. Wildwood's mayor even told the outlet that work could possibly be completed by May 14th. The team is making great time, so the work should be finished in time for Memorial Day.

Apparently, we can thank Mother Nature for ripping up the boards. That's what prompted a visit from the governor last year, who then put the project in motion. If it weren't for the damage from a storm back in April of 2020, who knows if these upgrades would have happened at all.

Read more about Wildwood boardwalk's makeover project HERE.


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