It's nice to hear that the South Jersey staple that IS the Wildwood Boardwalk has finally begun getting the TLC it deserves.

Let's back up for a second to where and how the boardwalk's makeover even came about. The folks over at Wildwood Video Archive confirm that a meeting was held a few months ago between Wildwood's mayor, Pete Byron, and Governor Phil Murphy in order to address what exactly needs to be done to the boardwalk to spruce it up, fix various repairs, etc.

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Byron told Murphy that in order to complete the entire project, it would take over $40 million. While Murphy didn't come through with that number, he did provide a little bit of the funds needed to, at the very least, get the project off the ground. So now, one small section of the boardwalk will finally have some repairs done to it. According to WVA, the section falls between Pine Ave and Maple Ave and goes to a point between Magnolia and Popular. For more a more specific description, click HERE.

Will Wildwood get the funds it needs? At this point, that's unknown. In order to complete the project in its entirety, the city would have to be able to put forth the same amount it received from the state this year into the project for the next few years to come. Obviously, nobody can predict whether or not that will happen. So, it's unknown if all the boardwalk's damage will get fixed in the near future.

Only time will tell. Still, at least a bit of the damage is now being dealt with.

Source: Wildwood Video Archive

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