Mia Chiarella is the Executive Chef at Mia Ristorante in Wildwood Crest and now she's also a contestant on ABC's 'The Taste.'

Meet Mia Chiarella, or ‘Chefarella’.  This isn’t the first time we’ve had someone represent South Jersey in food, Nicole Gaffney of Brigantine competed on ‘Food Network Star’ back in August.

In last week's episode, Chiarella just made it to live through another episode this Thursday.

According to the Press,

"Once again, Chiarella found herself in the bottom when Samuelsson picked her nut-crusted salmon as his least favorite, calling it the "muddiest" dish of the night. Lefebvre went so far to say, "she does not deserve to be here."

Mentors then selected their two least favorite dishes, sending their matching cooks through the final-chance contest, the Taste-Off. Chiarella squeaked by and avoided the contest, though the mentors discussed pitting her against Boston home cook Jen Royle as the worst two dishes.

In the end Jake Gilber, from Team Marcus and the youngest cook on the show, ended up being the third contestant kicked off "The Taste."

This will be the second time Mia has received national attention, she once also appeared on ‘Kitchen Casino’ on the Food Network.   Good luck Mia, and we’ll be watching you Thursdays at 8PM on ABC!