It's the strangest and funniest Christmas song of all-time!

Can you possibly sing it?

Can you possibly learn the words to it?

Do you have time to learn and sing it?

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YouTube Joren Cull
YouTube Joren Cull

Check this out - it's the longest Christmas song ever!

To just sing this song would take you - not minutes, but HOURS!

The song is about five years old, and it was written by Joren Cul.

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The song is The 179 Days of Christmas

It's a rip off of The 12 Days of Christmas - but it's 179 days instead of 12!

Joren, how long did it take you to come up with the 179 things mentioned in the song?

YouTube Joren Cull
YouTube Joren Cull

What are the 179 things mentioned in the song?

The song uses the 12 things from The 12 Days of Christmas, but it goes way, way, way beyond those.

Here's some of our favorites lyrics from the song:

  • 177 Seashells by the shore
  • 173 tickets to the airshow
  • 170 people with a podcast
  • 162 Angelina Jolie children
  • 157 tattoos on my forehead
  • 141 fatal paper cuts
  • 121 kids in a hot car
  • 79 TV dinners
  • 63 lucky pennies
  • 16 sticky band-aids

You can actually check out all the crazy lyrics here.

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How long does it take to sing the song?

Here's the song in it's entirety. Well, we assume it's all here. We didn't actually listen all the way through.

The video for the song is almost 9 hours long! Who's got time for that?

Well, if you do, here you go:

Merry Christmas!

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