Potholes are the bane of our existence. They are everywhere and they bring destruction upon our cars. They are ugly eyesores that we can't seem to get rid of. Potholes will grow and grow until they are dealt with. That sounds like that one zit you couldn't get rid of as a kid.

Some people will go out and fill the potholes themselves, some will call Domino's to fill it for them. However, there are heroes among us that take a different approach. A town in Pennsylvania added some Christmas cheer to a gigantic pothole they couldn't get filled. The thought process was that if they decorated the pothole the city would fix it sooner because they would have the attention of, well everyone.

It all started with a fake Christmas tree "planted" by Wilkes-Barre resident Marietta Spak. Spak told WNEP, "I was upstairs in the attic and I was looking for more Christmas decorations, and I came upon the tree. I thought that it would look nice in the hole."

As the pothole continued to go without repair, residents added more Christmas decorations, including a blow mold Santa.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the pothole has been patched earlier this week. No more Christmas tree pothole, but at least decorating the pothole seemed to work in getting the city's attention.

See the Christmas pothole:

Sources: WSMV.com, WNEP.com

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