Sometimes the internet graces us with a gem among the plain old rocks. When this happens the gem must be shared for all to see. This video is one of those gems. Honestly, this gem is the Hope Diamond.

Babies and animals make the best videos. Well that and guys getting hit between the legs. Sorry guys, but let's be honest when we all watch America's Funniest Home Videos those videos get the biggest laughs. Getting back to the real topic here...a video has been making its way around social media that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A lonely deer was caught wandering through a backyard. Seems innocent enough right? Well, this deer was clearly set on one distinct path. This path lead the deer right into a small slide. Why couldn't the deer just walk around it? The world may never know. However, what makes this video even better is the editing done. The most perfect song is added to make this video even funnier.

Check it out here:

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