The kids are home, it's raining, and they are getting restless. What do you do to keep them from causing mischief in the house? Here are some rainy day kids' activities.

  • 1

    Build a fort.

    What kid...or adult doesn't love a good blanket fort? There is just something so cozy about it. Grab the dining room chairs and some blankets to make a cozy little getaway. Cover the bottom of your fort with pillows and bring some lights inside.

  • 2

    Make some fun Rice Krispies treats.

    Of course, they will definitely need an adult to help melt the marshmallows, but they will have fun molding them into shape. What is so great about Rice Krispies treats is that your kids can let their imagination run wild and form them into any shape they want. You can make them even more fun by adding toppings or trying it with different cereal. Here are some great recipes.

  • 3

    Paper plate crafts.

  • 4

    Make slime.

  • 5

    Paint rocks.

    There is a craze going on right now of people painting and hiding rocks in their towns. The idea is for people to find them, take a picture, post it to the town's rock page, and move it for someone else to find. While you can't go out and hide the rock, you can paint it while you're stuck inside. We even have our own rock out there.

  • 6

    Put on a fashion show.

    Let your kids choose the outfits and walk down a runway. Announce them as they walk down the makeshift runway and come up with fun ways to explain their fashion statements.

  • 7

    Board game Olympics.

    Break out all of the board games and do a board game Olympics. See how many games you can get through rather than playing the same one over and over. Changing the game keeps your kids entertained and won't lose interest.

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  • 8

    Movie marathon.

    Snuggle up in the blanket fort for a movie marathon. Make some popcorn and some hot cocoa. Honestly, even in the middle of summer hot cocoa is great on a rainy day. Here are some creative popcorn recipes.

  • 9

    Decorate old canvas shoes.

    Do your kids have white canvas shoes that have seen better days? Grab out the markers, paints, glitter, buttons, ribbon, etc. and let them decorate their shoes.

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  • 10

    Make a band.

    Do you have a paper towel roll, tissue box, and some rubber bands? You can make a guitar. Take a oatmeal container to make a drum. Use some beans or rice, a toilet paper or paper towel roll, some paper, and some tape to make a rain stick.

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