Ahh, February 13th--The day before the sometimes favored, yet often dreaded, Hallmark holiday we know and "love" as Valentine's Day. However, the 13th is a pretty special holiday too that is completely underrated: GAL-entines Day!

Galentine's Day is a day was initially crafted on the popular TV show called Parks and Recreation. It's the day before Valentine's day to gather all the single ladies together to appreciate one another like no other Valentine could. In which case, here it is.

10 Reasons Why Gal-entines Day is Better Than V-Day

1. No Expectations

Why try and live up to the V-Day trends, when you can just enjoy a day with your closest friends--or even your mom--without the stress of having to get a gift, pay for dinner, a card, hugs, kisses, chocolate. WHATEVER.

2. No Reservation Issues

We all KNOW what it's like to be late to a reservation, or totally forget to make one for that matter. That's why the day before Valentine's day AKA Galentine's Day is so much better.

3. Friends Don't Lie

If it's your real gal-pal that you want to celebrate your day with, then she won't make you question anything! You can genuinely just enjoy a girls night, without the fear of being fibbed or played.

4. You Can Ask For Anything

Yes...This includes advice, sympathy, more wine, and even a tampon. No judgment.

5. You'll Never Be Told To Stop Eating

There's no guilt in racking up the food bill when you and your friends are equally eating the pain away. The term, "Single as a Pringle" isn't just an alliteration...It's because you EAT all those pringles.

6. You Don't Have To Fake Liking Your Gift

Because girls know what girls like. So you don't have to fake liking that candle or set of roses that you get from a silly boy.

7. It's Socially Acceptable To Be Weird

You're friends won't leave you for being weird, because odds are they're as odd as you are...that's why y'all are friends DUH

8. Sing Like No-one's Listening, Dance Like No-one's Watching

Um, Karaoke is KEY on Galentine's day. And you're only truly able to unlock your full dancing potential when you down a full bottle of while and have your bestie right there next to you!

9. Lots and LOTS of Pictures

Nobody will get annoyed with you when you post pictures with your friends. But if you start blowing up people's feeds of how much you love your significant other....BLAH, get ready to annoy all the singles who are reminded of how lonely they are on Valentine's Day. But not Galentine's Day!

10. Everyday is Galentine's Day!

Why worry about ONE day when you have you girls every.single.day. #GirlPower!

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