Sometimes the things we do every day seems weird and peculiar to other people. South Jersey is not exempt from this. We do things here that may seem strange and confuses the rest of the country. Just like how we are confused by Chicago deep dish pizza, there are things that may confuse people who are not from South Jersey.

I consulted some non-South Jersey natives to see what they were confused about and laughed at their responses. I had to laugh because they were so brutally honest and true.

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    U-Turns confuse the rest of the country because everywhere else you can make a left. Here in South Jersey, and the rest of New Jersey, we are the land of no left turns. It makes sense for this area because we are so densely populated, traffic can be a nightmare and would be worse without u-turns/jug handles.

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    Affordable Grocery via Amazon

    Our Obsession Over Pork Roll

    Why does our obsession confuse the rest of the country, and to be honest the rest of the world? The world outside of New Jersey isn't blessed with the best food ever made.

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    Gas Station Food

    I didn't realize this was a weird thing until I talked to people outside of New Jersey. It blows people's minds that we obsess over food that comes from a gas station. Of course they change their minds once they eat Wawa food.

  • Laura Stone/Thinkstock
    Laura Stone/Thinkstock

    Food Categories

    Let's keep talking about food. This made me laugh when someone said this to me because I didn't realize we do this. A friend of mine told me we categorize the same foods into different categories. What does that mean? Well, we call foods diner food, fast food, and boardwalk food, but they're all the same foods. Those foods include sandwiches, pizza, and burgers.

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    Our Accent

    Last year we did a video about what words South Jersey cannot pronounce and the comments on the video made me laugh. People just do not understand our accent. Some people commented that it sounded British, some said it sounds like we're from Alabama.

  • Matt Kincaid, Getty Images
    Matt Kincaid, Getty Images

    We Root For Teams That Aren't From Our State

    Here in South Jersey we like the Flyers, the Phillies, the Eagles, and the 76ers. Of course none of those teams are from New Jersey. We don't even root for the Devils who are actually from New Jersey.

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    We Bash Popular Pizza Chains

    We are spoiled in South Jersey to have the best pizza in the world. However, with that blessing comes the snooty attitude to all pizza that isn't from South Jersey. When people praise pizza places like Domino's or Pizza Hut or Papa John's, we laugh at them for not knowing what real pizza is.

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    Allen Stoner/ThinkStock

    We Have Extreme Jersey Pride

    Apparently, other states aren't crazy super fans of their home states. In South Jersey not only are we super proud to be from New Jersey, but we are super proud to be from South Jersey specifically. There are big differences between South, Central, and North Jersey and we make it known South Jersey is the best out of the three.

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    We Think We Drive The Best

    Some may call our driving aggressive, but we know it's perfect. We also know anyone not from New Jersey drives terribly and we like to let them know how bad they are. Don't get us started on Pennsylvania drivers...

  • Ashley Surkin
    Ashley Surkin

    We Base Things Off Of Exits

    Whether it's the Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway everything is based on exits. If you live too many exits from us, there is a good chance we aren't stopping by.

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