Happy National Beer Day, fellow hop-enthusiasts!

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that your girl LOVES her craft beer. I don't want to refer to myself as a beer snob, but I love getting a beer flight somewhere new just to sample everything they've recently concocted. There's just something about the taste of craft beer that I absolutely LOVE, particularly stouts.

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So, with that being said along with the fact that it's National Beer Day, I've decided to highlight some of my favorite South Jersey Breweries I think you should check out, along with one of my favorite beers from each one!

1.) 7 Mile Brewing Company

First on my list is 7 Mile in Rio Grande. You can find their beers almost anywhere you go in South Jersey. My particular favorite actually steers me away from my usual dark beer favorites to a more fruiter option. Their Beach Bubbles Belgian Wit is truly a delight if you're looking for something lighter on those long beach days.

2.)  CoHo Brewing Company

CoHo Brewing is located in Cape May Court House right on Indian Trail Road. My personal favorite beer to sample from there would be their Beyond A Reasonable Stout.

"This stout has the appearance of dark brown to almost black with the aroma of roast, fresh ground coffee and dark caramel. Very roasty taste for a small beer, light body and ABV. Easy drinking malt forward and dry, earthy, herbal and woody notes finish with a bit of a zip. "

-CoHo Brewing Company

3.)  Bucket Brigade Brewery

Another great spot in Cape May County. Bucket Brigade Brewery has some really awesome Youtube videos that actually take you behind the scenes and inside where the magic happens, aka the brewery itself. The drink of choice from this brewery for me would have to be the Scottish ale. Its full name is the Scotch Bonnet Irish Ale. It's an ale, yes, however the caramel flavors that can be tasted combined with the dark color are the beer's two characteristics that would draw me in immediately.

4.) Slack Tide Brewery

Located in Clermont, Cape May County, Slack Tide Brewery is definitely known for their really cool logo designs on all their different beer cans. The backstory of my favorite beer at this brewery involves the owners' mother. Slack Tide's Monkey Face stout was named for the nickname the uncles formerly called the mom in childhood.

5.) Glasstown Brewery

Now, we're headed west out to Millville, where Glasstown Brewery has one of the most delicious coffee porters you'll ever try. They call it The Big Breakfast  which they say reminds them of some nice Sunday morning grub: pancakes and coffee.

6.) Tuckahoe Brewing Company

They say on the website that my favorite beer from this Egg Harbor Township brewery would be great to enjoy in a South Jersey snowstorm. I'd have to say that I agree with them. It's the Steelmantown Porter for me during the colder months. Any beer with hints of coffee or chocolate (i.e. the darker beers), I do prefer to drink in the wintertime. Once summer comes, I love all the hoppier stuff.

7.) Hidden Sands Brewing Company

Keeping it in the same general area, Hidden Sands Brewing Company in Egg Harbor Township loves to play around with sours and fruits. The Cranberry Wheat is great for packing a tart punch into your normal American Pale Wheat Beer.

8.) Garden State Brewing Company

Another one of my favorite beers are the seasonal Oktoberfest-type beers. Call me basic if you must, but I love a good pumpkin ale. Garden State Brewing Company has one seasonal beer that combines their Headless Hessian Pumpkin Ale with Caramel Coffee - mmm mmm mmm!  They call that one the Cafe Caramel Coffee Pumpkin Ale.

9.) Pinelands Brewing Company

I always like to enjoy a beer flight at Pinelands and, without fail, I always find myself enjoying whatever's their latest brew of milk stout the best.

10.) Vinyl Brewing Company

Heading up the Atlantic City Expressway now and into Hammonton, you'll find a really awesome spot called Vinyl. The garage door-looking windows that are on either side of the door almost give it a firehouse look to the front. I'm going to have to stick with my stouts for this one. If you head to the website, you'll see they've currently got a beer on tap called Chocolate Marshmallow Party. An Imperial Stout conditioned with marshmallow? Yes, please.

11.) Eight and Sand Brewery

We're headed into Gloucester County now with Eight and Sand Brewery in Woodbury. Their cute set-up outside with the firepits and fire tables is super cozy on a breezy night. The beer that I was obsessed with hunting down from there, particularly around St. Patrick's Day, was their Mint Chocolate Cookie Stout. It tastes just like a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. It's delicious!

12.) Bonesaw Brewing Company

Anyone that's attended Rowan University over the last few years has definitely heard of Bonesaw. I really enjoy their 'Irish Queen' Irish Coffee Cream Ale. You can even order that one online and pick it up at whatever time's convenient for you.

13.) 13th Child Brewery

If you're familiar with the history of the Jersey Devil, then you'll, at the very least, appreciate the brewery's namesake..... because it's him. The Jersey Devil was rumored to be the 13th child of Mary Leeds who lived in the Pine Barrens. Long story short, she was angry about having yet another child, so she cursed this one and bore the Jersey Devil. Located in the heart of Williamstown, 13th Child Brewery currently has a beer on tap that's a cross between a stout and a black IPA. They call it Leeds Blackheart.

However you plan on celebrating National Beer Day, number one, of course, make sure you make responsible decisions. Two, it never hurts to get out there and support breweries close by. After all, they are local small businesses within our communities.

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