Yes, we love pork roll. No, we don't "wish we lived in NYC", and no, we don't all scream "The cabs are here" in Pauly D voices when we're ready to roll out to the club. Okay, maybe we did steal that last one from the legendary Jersey Shore DJ, but that's the only thing we Jersey residents emulate from the MTV reality show that actually has no real business framing itself as a true Jerseyian's identifier.

Obviously, I'm referring to the typical New Jersey stereotypes. Trust me, if you're from NJ, you definitely feel me on these. The questions we're asked on a daily basis whenever we travel out of state are so predictable now that it's mind-numbing to even give them the time of day.

This guy on Facebook shared a post that was so hysterically relateable, it was too good not to share. It's features a bunch of NJ-born celebrity "quotes" and they're beyond accurate.

It's unknown if these celebrities actually said these things, but if they did, I love them even more. These quotes prove one thing regardless of who actually said the words; if you come for an NJ resident's jugular in the form of a jab at our home state, get ready for a slaying from sass right back to yours.

Source: Facebook

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