Do you ever stop and think about just how many pictures you have on your cell phone?

If you're like me, you've been backing up everything that's on your cell phone to a cloud or some other type of storage device. Last night, I was thumbing through my cloud and I realized I have over a decade's worth of pictures there. I mean, that's tens and tens of thousands of pictures of everything under the sun.

And, really, not that long ago, if you took that many pictures you would be running to CVS or Fotomat to print them all and stick them in photo albums.

So I decided to go back to the very beginning of my digital archive and take a look at what I have pictures of -- and it really is everything.

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I should point out that as someone who works for this radio station, we're constantly taking pictures of all kinds of stuff. While your phone might be full of pictures of your family members and the most recent thing you ordered at a restaurant, I have pictures of the Ocean City Boardwalk being redone a number of years ago, horses actually running at the Atlantic City Race Track, pictures from inside the old Pathmark in EHT -- you name it, I probably have a picture of it.

So, let's go back about a decade and see if you remember any of these things...

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