Summer 2018 is apparently the summer of real estate upgrades in the world of country. In case you missed it, Jason Aldean, Brian Kelley from FGL, Kid Rock, and Carrie Underwood are all in the market for a new home.

Since I'm a curious kitten, I wanted to check out what their new homes would have to live up to. Let me tell you, their current homes are some pretty sweet digs, so I can't even imagine what their new ones will look like.

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    Jason Aldean

    You probably saw Jason's wife, Brittany on social media last week showing off the land they've recently purchased right outside of Nashville. From the looks of the picture she posted to Instagram, it looks like the Aldeans may have already broken ground. They've opted to build rather than purchase, putting up their French-style mansion up for sale for a modest $7.8 million. You know, chump change. Yeeeeesh.

    If you can come up with the cash, the fairy-tale mansion can be yours! The decor is rustic-glam inside with a pretty awesome feature: a 6 ft cylindrical fish tank right by the semi-spiral staircase.

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    Brian Kelley

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    Kid Rock

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    Carrie Underwood

    So, there hasn't been any developments on this one yet, but back in May, Carrie discussed her family's decision to start house hunting. This came from the aftermath of dealing with Carrie's fall a few months prior. With the announcement of Carrie's pregnancy, no doubt finding a new crib will shift to the top of their priority list. Maybe she'll select one of these homes took the liberty of gathering for her? They're all pretty fabulous, so it's a hard choice.

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