It's FINALLY summer time! Well, almost. At the very least, it's now warm enough to sit by the fire pit on a Friday night and FIRE UP that grill!

Whether you've already hosted your first barbecue of the season, or you're more of a traditionalist and waiting until Memorial Day weekend, these five b-b-q hacks will ensure that you throw the best backyard bbq of the year.


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    Muffin Tray Condiments

    Okay, so before we jump into the actual grilling hacks, we need to address the issue of 8 dirty dishes for 8 different condiments. suggests using a muffin tray to set out your condiments. It's a BRILLIANT idea. Fill a 6 or 8 slot muffin pan with your ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, etc.

    Think about all the room you'll save on the table! More room for all those side dishes.

  • 2

    Ice Cube Patty

    Sounds weird, I know, but Delish promises this is the best way to make sure your burger patties don't get too well done. Just stick an ice cube in the center of the patty, then plop in on the grill.

  • 3

    Citrus and Seafood

    Now, this one I actually have tried...several times. Doesn't matter if it's a lemon, a lime, or even an orange. When grilling seafood, throw in a citrus fruit and you'll never need to make a marinade again. It's so fresh!

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    Wood Works

  • 5

    Apple Juice Spray

    Want to make sure your bbq has that desirable golden color everyone fantasizes about? Keep a bottle of apple juice handy and spray your food. No, seriously. says you'll achieve both a great flavor and color. Win-win!

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