Beware of doing these five things in New Jersey unless you want a piece of someone's mind!

Fellow New Jerseyans, I know you will relate to this blog on a deeper level. An eye-catching post by Only in Your State inspired this list of five don'ts when dealing with New Jersey residents.

Check out our list and make sure you're not grinding anyone's gears here in the Garden State!

  • EzumeImages

    Food & Central Jersey Debates

    One way to quickly start up a heated debate is not referring to names of food “correctly”. Try saying “Taylor Ham” in front of a “Pork Roll” person.

    While we’re on the topic of debates, ask people from New Jersey if there is a Central Jersey. You’ll be surprised how many geography experts you may come across!

  • nandyphotos

    Out-of-State Drivers

    If you’re from another state, don’t mess up on the road ‘cause we’ll let you know about it!

  • Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Comparing All New Jerseyans to the Jersey Shore Cast

    We don’t all focus solely on GTL (gym, tan, and laundry). Hard to believe, huh?

  • 4

    Crowding the Shore Points

    After the hit MTV show Jersey Shore aired years ago, our shores have been flooded every vacation season. Let us catch some rays, too!

  • Francesco Cura
    Francesco Cura

    Roads With No Left-Turn Lanes

    Yes, we don’t have to pump our own gas. However, we waste more of it when we need to turn on roads with no left-turn lanes. Annoying!

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