With the demise of Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us across the nation, many stores are looking for replacement businesses to take over the buildings full of children's dreams and memories. As depressing as it is, we have to look at the optimism that this means for South Jersey and all it's possibilities!

What do you think should replace the Mays Landing Toys "R" Us on the Black Horse Pike? Below are my Top 5 picks, but comment yours below so we can make it happen!

1. Panera Bread

Credit: Google Maps

Sometimes, I find myself searching on my maps "Panera Bread"--fully knowing that the closest one is legitimately 38 miles away. But I can't help but be hopeful that ONE DAY, one will just show up closer. I miss my Panera mac-n-cheese and ice green tea more than one can fathom.

2. The Cheesecake Factory

Credit: Google Maps

It's sad to think that I can't get obnoxiously large Oreo cheesecake slices with a side of mac-n-cheese balls unless I'm traveling to Cherry Hill...like PSH priorities people!

3. Bury-The-Hatchet

Ok this is a new, yet up-and-coming fad that its following right behind the whole "Painting with a Twist" trend (which we could also use a little bit closer to Atlantic County) but I guess it's a little bit more "rugged" if you will....You literally drink beer and throw an axe at a target and it's SO cool. Mays Landing would thrive from this.

4. Dave & Busters

Credit: Google Maps

South Jersey has been deprived of this ultimate gaming location. The rainy weather we've been having this sprinter (spring/winter--as I like to call it) wouldn't be so bad! Not to mention less dangerous, considering we wouldn't have to travel all the way to Philly to win some tickets!

5. Trader Joe's 

Credit: Google Maps

I actually had my first Trader Joe's encounter this weekend, and let me tell you the reasonably priced, trendy and semi-healthier food products ARE SO WORTHY of stealing the Mays Landing location, or any for that matter. South Jersey is desperately in need of a Trader Joe's and the closest one to Atlantic County is 45 minutes away in Marlton

Comment your ideas in the comments section!