We're only a month away from turkey day! Can you believe it?

Instead of waiting til we're running around like, well, turkeys with our heads cut off, the best way to thwart the holiday stress is to start preparing now. This is of particular importance to those Thanksgiving dinner hosts!


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    Confirm Travel Plans

    Finalizing your trip around the holidays is always super stressful, but it's only going to get worse the longer you wait to lock it in. Talk to your boss now to ensure you have adequate time to get from point a to point b. If you wait too much longer, you might not be able to secure enough PTO. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of stress prior to the holiday itself.

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    Plan Your Menu

    If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you should probably start mapping out your buffet table now. Are you going to host a sit-down dinner or buffet style? Also, are you planning on doing all the cooking, or are some of your family members preparing certain dishes and bringing them over?

    Now's a good time to communicate to your guests about what you're plan is. What if someone recently went vegan? (uh oh) That's something you might want to know sooner rather than later so you can plan accordingly.

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    It's the end of October, so believe it or not, now's a great time to pick up some cute autumn decorations for your home since there's so many sales right now.

    Obviously, don't buy anything Halloween-related, but some cute cornucopias or pumpkins that say "Happy Fall" on them are nice touches for Thanksgiving decor.

    The only downside to this is you'll be breaking down all of your fall decorations shortly after in preparation for Christmas, so no need to go nuts. That's why you should stock up now on a few little pieces since everything fall-themed will be on sale within the next few days.

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    Home Upgrades

    Now, this tip is for our Thanksgiving hosts. If you take a look around your house and realize it's not up to your standards especially in regards to you hosting, do whatever you can to get it up to par. Don't stress yourself out too much, though.

    Nobody is as concerned about the color of your bathroom as you are. Promise. Now, if you like having a fire out back in your fire pit and notice that the dog's been going to town back there, you might want to fill in some of those holes.

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    Take Inventory of All Kitchenware

    The last tip is sometime overlooked, but it's oh so important!

    There's no greater feeling than the dread you experience when you get to the kitchen Thanksgiving morning only to realize you don't have all the kitchen tools you need to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner. Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and take inventory now, that way come Thanksgiving morning, you can get right down to cooking.

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