Giving gifts is always tricky. Everybody is different. Some people like one thing, and some like another, however, there is always that one person in our lives that likes absolutely nothing.

No matter what you get them, they hate it. This year, though, we have faith that we can help you get this person something they will genuinely love!

There are a lot of gift ideas out there. Some ideas are cool, while others can be random. In order to get the picky person in your life the best gift ever, we have made up a list of items that absolutely no one could not crack a smile for.

  • 1

    A Coffee Mug

    Coffee mugs can be plain or quirky. Either way, they are a perfect gift for those who don't like many things.

    Everybody drinks something. Whether it's water or coffee, a mug is a wonderful way to consume your beverage!

    TIP: Pick up a silly mug for your BFF from Spencer's at the Hamilton Mall

  • 2

    Concert Tickets

    Music brings everyone together. A great gift for someone who is picky is getting them concert tickets to their favorite artist!

    If you know someone who wants to see Kenny Chesney in Philly, come to the Hamilton Mall on Black Friday. We will be handing out free concert tickets!

  • 3


    A lovely gift to give this holiday season is a candle. They always smell beautiful and make everyone happy.

    Find your friend or family member's favorite smell and get a candle for them. Bath and Body Works has an awesome selection of candles in the Hamilton Mall!

  • 4

    X-mas Socks

    Nothing makes people smile more than goofy socks.

    A nice pair of Christmas-themed socks will be the best way to your picky person's heart this season.

  • 5

    A Watch

    You can't go wrong with a nice watch.

    Even though everyone gets the time now on their phones, watches are a wonderful thing to have.

    TIP: Get it personalized at the Hamilton Mall's Things Remembered!

  • 6

    A Music Speaker

    It doesn't matter who you are: Everyone has danced around their house to their favorite song.

    Music speakers are a perfect way to rock out to your favorite beats. Regardless of someone's music taste, this gift will be essential to anybody.

  • 7

    Gift Cards

    If you really can't think of anything that the person wants, let them decide!

    Gift cards are available at every store in the mall. Pick out a cute holiday-themed one from your loved one's favorite store for his or her perfect present this year!

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