It's almost time to celebrate! No, I'm not talking about the holiday. I'm actually referring to all the holiday stress finally OVER.

I wouldn't be able to last the day without shouting out or acknowledging all the places that provide me with both great drinks and a great time even at times when I probably shouldn't be spending what little money I actually do have. Aren't we all feeling that way this time of year? Still, a girl's gotta live, right?

You're ten times more likely to find me at a local spot like these rather than out at a club. That's just more my speed, truth be told. Cheap beer, live music, and genuine company: that's how I like to hang.

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Some of my favorite spots deserve their time in the spotlight, so it's only fair to provide them with a little token of my appreciation for all the nights of debauchery that have left with me with some of my best (and hilarious) memories.

1.) Goodnight Irene's - Wildwood

What can I say about one of my favorite Wildwood spots of all time? If I'm being honest, this place will always make my heart smile because of how many times we've chosen to head there after the main North Wildwood spots became too much. Goodnight Irene's is always such a good time, and for a craft beer junkie like me, they always have a pretty awesome selection on tap.

2.) Flip Flopz - Wildwood

Flip Flopz is THE PLACE to go to shake your booty. I've had many a girls night in that place and have loved every second of it.

3.) Ship 'N' Shore - Wildwood

Somewhere off the beaten track when you're up for a day in the Wildwoods is Ship'N'Shore on Montgomery Ave. My recommendation: try the wings.

4.) Irish Pub - Atlantic City

One of the first stops for my birthday is always at Irish Pub because I just can't gallivant around AC without stopping there for at least one drink. I'm obsessed with the old school atmosphere, more than anything.

5.) Ducktown Tavern - Atlantic City

Hands down, the best deals around if you're looking to ball on a budget. Ducktown is always a great time without breaking the bank.

6.) Wonder Bar

If I take the Pike into Atlantic City, I always have to make a pit-stop at Wonder Bar before going forward with my day. Wonder Bar is one of my favorite places to grab a day drink in the summer.

7.) JD's Pub - Galloway

Ever since moving to this part of South Jersey, JD's has pretty much been a staple. Ya gotta love that it's named after South Jersey's most legendary beast.

8.) Tailgaters Pub - Galloway

When you're in the mood for some pretty awesome bar food and an ice cold beer, ya gotta go for a burger from Tailgaters. You just CAN'T go wrong.

9.) Maynard's Cafe - Margate

You can't mention dive bars without shouting out the summer (and winter) go-to with THE BEST FOOD AND DRINK SPECIALS. Honestly, if you want to enjoy a fun night our with friends or just get a beer and quick bite, go visit Steph and Arielle at Maynard's. They'll hook you up. Tell them Jahna sent you.

What sets dive bars apart from the rest, for me, at least, is the relaxed atmosphere and great time with great people - even if they're strangers. Sometimes, I don't feel like getting ready to go out like I would to go to a club or somewhere similar. Sometimes, I just want to throw on jeans and a t-shirt and eat some awesome food and have a little fun without all the extra. Thanks to these places for making nights out feel like home.


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