Everybody's number one priority when choosing where to live is the safety of their neighborhood. If it's not, well then it should be. That's especially true when children are in the picture.

It's always so disappointing to hear about an occurrence that shatters your sense of safety within your own neighborhood. You can't help but feel violated in some way, even if the alleged incident didn't happen to you.

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That's how the residents in one of Mays Landing's cute apartment complexes feel after hearing reports from fellow neighbors about alleged attempted car break-ins throughout the neighborhood during the first few weeks of 2024.

Apparently, several eyewitnesses as well as personal security cameras have spotted some suspicious figures attempting to force their way into parked vehicles throughout the complex. Several people have expressed concern after allegedly seeing people try to break into vehicles on both the Glades side as well as the original side of the complex.

The truth of the matter is, this is the type of thing that's happening more and more frequently almost anywhere and everywhere you go. Unless you live in a super wealthy gated community, this sort of incident is reported a lot more often that you think these days.

Residents shared more than one run-in with these would-be criminals from over the last two weeks alone. If you live in the complex (or anywhere, for that matter), the best thing you can do is make sure that your car is locked at all times. Even if you're only planning on running inside for a minute or two to retrieve something before going on your way, keep your car locked.

You never know when your car will be targeted.

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