After a 5 month renovation project The Harold R. Brown Memorial Park will be reopening just in time for summer with hopes to be a perfect place for families to spend the day without worry.

The Harold R. Brown Memorial Park sits in the third ward between N. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Baltic Ave., Bacharach Blvd., N. Kentucky Ave., and Arctic Ave. The city set to renovate the park in a manner that would deter the illegal activity that had been taking place there. The Atlantic City park had become home to drugs and homeless men and women. Now the city hopes to rejuvenate the property and encourage families to spend the day with their children there.

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The updated park will feature play areas, a stage, new equipment, and a memorial in form of a statue to honor veterans.

Residents still have concerns that even with the renovations the problems the park faced in the past will continue. However, the city remains confident the renovations will keep illegal activity at bay and will also offer programs in the park to help bring people to the park on a regular basis. The park will also have cameras, more lighting, and a fence that will be locked up at night. The city will also be hosting family movie nights in the new park.

The Harold R. Brown Memorial Park will be reopening May 29th.


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