Twelve Atlantic City Police Officers will make their way into D.C. today as they complete the Police Unity Bike Tour!

In case you're not familiar: Every May, members of Police Department's from all over the country bicycle from New Jersey to Washington D.C. in order to raise money for the National Law Enforcement Memorial. The extended bike ride started on Wednesday May 10th, and will end TODAY, May 12th as our every-day-heroes make their way into the district!

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

This year, the Atlantic City Police Department has 12 officers participating in the tour!  This ride is done with the Police Unity Tour where EACH rider was responsible for raising $1800, which goes towards the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund. This fund remembers the fallen by maintaining the Police Memorial Wall and the building of the Law Enforcement Museum in our nations capitol.

So if you're heading to D.C. any time soon, the ACPD would like encourage all of you to take time to visit the Law Enforcement Memorial and see where these funds go from the bike tour.

We want to congratulate our 12 AC officers on a job well done in unifying our police community, and to all of our officers who protect us each and every day!

If you know someone out there who is in need or is doing a Daily Dose of Good like our AC officers, send us a message to our Facebook page!

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