If you're a South Jersey resident obsessed with Shark Week on the Discovery channel, then hold tight for a second.. you'll love this news.

Adventure Aquarium on the Camden waterfront has some new additions, baby shark pups! Good news is you can now actually go check them out! NJ.com says that this actually isn't super common since the babies are normally raised in a section of the aquarium not open to the public. Currently, they're being raised in the Shark Nursery that features tanks for the public to peer down into to catch a glimpse of the "little guys".

The shark pups are part of the sandshark species that are usually found along the Jersey coasts. The biologist working with the babies told NJ.com that the pups will grow to be somewhere around 8 feet long.

For more information on the baby sharks of Adventure Aquarium, click HERE!

Source: NJ.com

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